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Are you a SKEPTIC?? fear not, you are not alone!. I was too, and i am pretty sure many of us are, especially of this “Blogging Era”
I personally did not had an issue with bloggers, or blogging, but, initially i did not grasped the concept of; why do we blog, or how helpful or effective blogging could be, not only to myself, but to all us , especially in this day and age.
I, for one i am very private, However, when i decided to start blogging i knew i wanted my content/s to be personable and relate-able, i wanted my readers to be able to connect,not only with my content/s, but connect, also with the person behind to PC and the keyboard….me!  As a result i concluded that a life style  blog would be more suited for me, and what i wanted to begin across to my readers.


Few questions… I initially asked myself:

■What is there for me to blog about?

■ What part/s of myself can i share with the you in a meaningful way?

■Will i have interesting enough content/s?

■Will people like my blogs?

Having these questions, i started researching about  blogs, in my research i came across this article that i would like to share with you. 

Gary Dekmezian,  of  Huffington Post: Reasons why do we blog & benefits!

So, after asking myself all these dreadful questions, and freaking out, about the idea of me starting my own “Blog Spot” i then came to the conclusion that, there are many parts of my life that i can blog about and i am more than happy to share it with all of you. I believe that through these blogs, i will be able to touch hearts, inspire souls , and uplift spirits!.

As much as we’d want to think that we are good on our own and we have it all together, when it all boils down to it, we all need someone, Singing….” someone love, someone to trust, someone love… ohhh…” you get the gist…we all need someone!

“There is no way i could not have shared this song “someone to Love” by Jon b & Babyface …hey i was bumping all the to it!”

OK, so here i am, after getting over all my fears, all my anxieties and all my reservations, i am very elated or even overjoyed to share with you! My very Own Personal BLOG SPOT! “Yay! clap it up for me and yourself too, for coming here and sharing in this beautiful, blissful moment with me “

If you are a skeptic like i was, but somewhere in the back of your mind your are thinking about it!(“it” can be anything)

Here are a few helpful tips:

■Have an Epiphany( in my next blog i will tell you all about my “Epiphany”)

■Get over your fears and anxieties!

■Be optimistic!

■Start writing down your ideas!

Stop thinking….just do it! (like Nike)

“I took my chances and faced my fears,  and i “just do it”and after reading this article on how Nike got its slogan, i am even more inspired,  I also realized that inspiration,  as many stages and can come from anyone or  experience”.

See how  Nike , one of the most influential brands got there slogan



 I like to inspire and empower people, i personally live for that, if you look me up in the dictionary, you might..find beside my name “saving the world”
I believe we all can do some good, for the human race. One of the many ways, we can do this, is by “living in our purpose”
(in a later blog i will elaborate on this topic…”living in our purpose”)

This is what i would like to depart you with you today……

“Sometimes your purpose is not in what you believe you are good at,
nor it is in what you feel is right for you, but is in what is ordained upon your life!”


“Find your purpose…life your purpose”





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