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“JOELEE”, formally “Supamodel Joelee”, a hybrid of Dancehall Reggae and Hip Hop cultures, has fostered a sound that flaunts her Jamaican roots and her American influences. Her seamless flow from hip hop to dancehall reggae and vice versa, sometimes fused with other genres, has encapsulate her music into an impressive ensemble of psychedelic tones. Lady Saw, who pioneered dancehall reggae for many years, Notorious B.I.G., Missy Elliot, and Creed are some of Joelee’s biggest musical influences.

A fiery inner-city girl, Joelee was born in St. Mary, Jamaica, and moved to Kingston, Jamaica at the age of nine. With the lack of television at home, she grew affectionately toward music. Joelee musical aspirations extended to hip hop, when she was gifted a Notorious B.I.G “Ready To Die” album. Shortly after, she began to freestyle rhymes and putting her rhymes to paper.

Joelee professional debut in the entertainment industry started with her strutting runways as a Fashion Model. Joelee walked many runways for many designers, and her face graced the pages of African American Fashion and Life Style Magazine “Essence”.

In recent years, Joelee strutted to the studio and recorded and released a number of songs. In 2012, “MODEL CHIC” her first cross genre song was released, and was widely accepted. In the summer of that year, Joelee kicked off her “Model Chic” promotional tour in the Southern and North Eastern States, as well as captivated audiences with her performances at showcases and promotional club appearances.

Joelee later released “PFAT” in 2015, which catapulted to Number 1 on the Digital Radio Tracker (DRT) National Top 80 Independent Chart. She toured the Southern and North Eastern States promoting PFAT, and made numerous club appearance and performances. That same year, Joelee’s hard work paid off when she was recognized by Google as a Musical Artist.

With the recording and compilation of seven colorful songs, Joelee is on her way to releasing her first E.P., which she entitled “UNINTERRUPTED” to commemorate her focus, drive and dedication to her musical career. “STACK IT UP” an edgy dancehall reggae track trail-blazes the official launch of the EP, and “BISCH PLEASE” a highly thought-provoking song will be the follow-up track off Joelee’s “UNINTERRUPTED” EP. Joelee is currently touring and promoting “STACK IT UP”, as well as performing at Clubs in several States. In August 2017, Joelee won first place performing “STACK IT UP” at the Coast 2 Coast Live New York City Showcase.

Joelee believes and follows many philosophies. One of her favorite quotes is “Once You Believe You Will Achieve”. Motivated by her belief, Joelee is ready to burn the bridges of doubt, and bridge the gap between failure and success. In her own words and self-motivating catch phrase, Joelee proclaims “YUH SEE ME!”

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